Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Sleepy Robot 13 on etsy.

From sleepyrobot13's Bio:

"My name is Lisastarchild, yes this is my real first name, no my parents weren't hippies! lol. I am a handmade Art toy maker from Cleveland, Ohio. I am inspired by designer toys, urban vinyl and the art of Luke Chueh and Buff Monster. I currently hand sculpt all of my figures out of polymer clay, but hope to someday be able to afford to produce a small run of some of my characters in vinyl. After loosing my job last year I turned to crafting to pay my rent and bills until I found a new job. At this time I still have not found permanent employment, so crafting is my only income. Just know that every order pretty much goes toward living expenses and supplies."

This little guy is just so cute I can't stand it! Who would think of putting a robot in glow in the dark underpants? Well obviously Lisastarchild did and she made it adorable. All of her robots are uber cute but this little one made me laugh. Click on the picture to see all of her cute robots, and monsters too.

Super Hero Robot w/ Glow n The Dark Underpants

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