Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Handmade Tweet

Sorry I missed posting a Handmade Tweet yesterday but I was just too busy and overwhelmed. Thankfully I got a little rest and I'm back on track today with glazedOver on etsy.

From glazedOver's Bio:

"I've been hand throwing and slab building clay forms for over 15 years. Most of my work is functional and tends toward earthy design vocabulary with an occasional inclination toward the eccentric or anthropomorphic. I am partial to earthtones and warm hues but can also find inspiration in a bold, splashy palette."

Handmade pottery is so beautiful I wish I could replace all my manufactured dishes with it. Oh if only funds were unlimited. I agree about colours, I'm partial to warm hues and earthtones myself, and these are fabulous. She has a number of different items in these colours. Click on the picture to see them all and check out her other beautiful designs.

glazedOver Small Stoneware Nesting Bowls (Set of 2)

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