Saturday, February 20, 2010

Featured EtsyBlogger for February

This month's Featured EtsyBlogger is TiLTCreations.

From TiLTCreations Bio:

"Welcome! I am a stay at home mom of a 14 and 4 year old boy. It makes life rather interesting! I sew and create whenever possible. I have been sewing and crafting for years and now enjoy sharing them with others. My creations are all made by me, by hand. Please take your time and browse around.

Visit my Tilt Too shop here on etsy for some supply destash...

You can find me on my blogs:"

Awesome another Buffy Fan! I too love all thing Joss so it wasn't hard to pick a favorite item to feature. This is a great bag. It's perfect for the stylish slayer, not only will it hold her favorite stake but there's an extra pocket for her lip gloss too. Just in case your not so much into the Whedonverse, though I can't imagine why, there are many other fabulous purses and bags to choose from. Click on the picture to see them all.

Buffy B and Mr Pointy Red Messenger Bag, 
Hand Embroidered

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TiLT said...

Yippee! Always nice to find another Joss fan :) I am hoping to put more Whedon inspired goodies soon :)