Monday, November 30, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Delicious Hobo on etsy.

From Delicious Hobo's Bio:

"I'm 22 and highly addicted to crafting. First and foremost, I love to make wearable art. My passion for painting, sculpting, and accessories has given birth to my one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Every item that I sell has had a great deal of time and dedication put into it. Many of my pieces are made over the course of several days – clay molding, baking, sometimes sanding and/or painting, sealing, and assembling. All my polymer clay pieces are handmade. I don't use texture sheets, stencils, molds, or anything other than my hands and a couple tools. Therefore, each item is not only one of a kind, but is also a representation of my artistic dedication."

I had a very hard time deciding on one item to feature, there are just so many wonderful things to choose from, but in the end my love for robots won out. Isn't he adorable? All of her little creatures have huge personalities. Check out all the beautiful creations from Delicious Hobo by clicking on the picture.

Mr. Roboto Necklace

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's handmade Tweet comes from fellow Metaphysical Etsy Team member Tatania Rosa.

From Tatania Rosa's Bio:

"Hello, I'm Heather Buckman. I'm a geeky goth who loves to tat, draw, paint and listen to music. I also love gothic art and historical and gothic fiction. I recently graduated from University and have decided to start this shop for my tatting creations. Enjoy."

I love the look of tatting. I have no idea how it is done but it fascinates me. Heather is having a sale this holiday weekend. Everything in her shop is 20% off from now till Monday. Click on the picture to find some great deals on her beautiful work.

SALE WAS 28 NOW 22.40
Pendant - Elizabeth in black and red

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Etsy Holiday Sale

I'm participating it the Etsy Holiday Sale. All regular priced items in my shop are marked down by 10% from now till Monday November 30th. Shop now before the sale ends. Also check out my sale section of 20% off a great selection of items.

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from fellow Etsy Blogger and fellow Canadian Sassmowth Designs.

From Sassmowth Design's Bio:

"I was always a crafty kid, now I'm a crafty adult. I enjoy so many different crafts that I can't seem to stick with just one, so you'll be sure to find a wide variety of products on my site. (I've just recently started posting stock, but check back often because there will soon be many more.)"

These are such a great idea and they look so good. Pretty, usefully and environmentally friendly! What more could you ask for? Be sure to click on the picture and visit Sassmowth Design's shop for some wonderfully funny Christmas cards.

Reusable Swiffer Cloths - Set of 3 - (Greens) -

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Twisted Thicket Studio on etsy.

From TwistedThicket's Bio:

"My artistry with gourds conveys my deep respect, appreciation, and love of nature. I have always been drawn to nature's colors, forms, fragile intricacies, and the sense of magic that is all around us."

The colours of this piece are so vibrant. If you haven't already figured it out I'm attracted to bright rich colours. (I like shiny things too). Click on the picture to go to Twisted Thicket's shop. All of the pieces there are alive with fabulous colours and textures.

Symphony, Gourd Bowl

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Allegheny Hearth on ArtFire.

From Allegheny Hearth's Studio Announcement:

♥ ♥ Welcome to Allegheny Hearth - Finely Crafted Handmade Soap since 1979 - Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith ♥ ♥

********* Free Christmas Tree Guest Soap with every purchase! *********

I'm a rock and mineral collector and I LOVE this soap! What a fabulous idea but it's too beautiful to use. Click on the picture for more fabulous soaps, lotions, lip balms, etc.

Soap Rocks Emerald Gemstone Formations

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Blue Jane on ArtFire.

From Blue Jane's Bio:

"I love nature and creating fantasy art. Sometimes, when I am in my garden or the woods, I could swear I see a fairy or an elf. I enjoy creating them out of polymer clay or in a painting to make them visible! My name is Jane Priser and I hope you enjoy my creations."

This is certainly the most unique dream catcher I've ever seen. It's so stunningly beautiful I truly believe it has the power to keep bad dreams away. Click on the picture to see more of Jane's unique designs. Jane is participating in the ArtFire Holiday Deals promo. Check her shop for sales and free shipping and remember only one more month to shop for Christmas.

Alien Dream Catcher Sculpture

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Save 10% off all items in my ArtFire shop from now till Dec. 8th. Don't wait, only one month to shop for Christmas. Order early to make sure your order reaches you before Dec 24th.

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Geek Gear Store on etsy.

From Geek Gear's Bio:

"Hi! During the day I'm a network engineer, fixing and designing computer networks and making sure all these machines play nice with each other.

By night I'm a craft making geek that is trying to come up with interesting ways to keep some of our discarded computer and electronic items out of the landfill."

So what do you do with all that obsolete computer equipment? Turn it into a clock, or key chain or pen holder. A great idea for upcycling. For more great ideas just click on the picture.

Iomega ZIP Drive Desk Clock

Monday, November 23, 2009

Featured EtsyBlogger for November

It's time for another edition of the Featured EtsyBlogger. This month's Featured EtsyBlogger is thefabmissb. She has two etsy shops, one for her handmade creations, Becky Kazana, and one for her vintage finds, The Fab Miss B.

From beckykazana's Shop Announcement:

"Becky Kazana makes vintage inspired chenille pipe cleaner ornaments one at a time, just for you. Custom ornament orders are always welcome!

I've always loved to paint, draw and make things with my hands. My art is inspired by travel and adventure, fairy tales, Roald Dahl books, every color on earth, Christian Dior, street fashion, humor, old timey music and Marilyn Monroe. I have lots of fun making pipe cleaner ornaments, illustrations, greeting cards and banners every single day."

These little french poodles are just adorable. They made me remember something I read just recently, though I can't remember where I read it. Someone was wondering if other dogs think that french poodles are part of some weird religious cult. I always felt kind of sorry for them because I thought other dogs probably made fun of them. Nobody's going to make fun of these cuties though. Just click on the picture for more adorable creations from Becky Kazana.

Fifi the Chenille French Poodle Ornament

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from fellow EtsyBloggers team member Mystic Wynd.

From mysticwynd's Shop Announcement:

"Free standard shipping worldwide thru 12/31/09! (Excludes PIF Items) Eclectic, distinctive, and often one of a kind, our jewelry, accessories and gift items are sure to please! Stop back often to visit our ever changing collection - you never know what the Mystic Wynd will blow in...

When it comes to jewelry, one size or style doesn't fit all - and the jewelry we wear is all important in achieving that perfect "look." Most of Mystic Wynd's jewelry designs can be customized to meet your specific needs. See my shop profile for more information."

I love the vibrant flaming colour of this leaf. Living in Ontario, Canada I see a lot of maple trees and they are always most beautiful this time of year. This is a great way to capture that beauty and keep it all year long. For more beautiful creations from Mystic Wynd just click on the picture.

Ablaze Leaf Pendant and Necklace

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from another fellow Canadian, bird's edge on etsy.

From farmlass's Shop Announcement:

"Well, fall has arrived with some cool, wet weather so that means needle felting in the studio again.Please visit my other shop of vintage stuff...seller name, travelinshoes and my photographs under the name northernjunk ...Welcome...I hope you enjoy browsing my shop...I have found my inspiration in many forms, especially from the landscape around my home and I'm glad to share this with you...thanks for stopping by and for supporting hand made arts and crafts...If you're ever in Sooke come on by to the studio..."

I love needle felting. I've played with it a little myself and I wish I had more time for it. This little guy is just too cute. I've always wanted a zoo but my husband objects. Maybe he wouldn't mine a zoo of felted animals. For more cute little animals by bird's edge just click on the picture.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsy Blogger's Blog Carnival

Time for another Blog Carnival. The theme this month is what's your favorite holiday movie or special and why?

This is an easy one. Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember I've watched A Christmas Carol. The Alistair Sim 1951 version, not colourized, some things are just sacred. It use to play on TV
every year on one channel or another but one year, many years ago, I checked the TV listings and it was not listed. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed. So, without me knowing it, my husband went out and bought the movie for me and told me I had to open one gift on Christmas Eve. I was very happy and have continued the tradition ever since. Though this year I may have to update from the VHS tape to a new DVD version.

I love this Christmas movie best because I'm not really a Wonderful Life, Christmas caroling, Miracle on 34th Street sort of person. I work in retail and they've already started playing Christmas carols in the store. By Dec. 25th I'm pretty sick of the whole season. I'm much more of a Halloween fan. This movie is darker and more sinister than most Christmas movies, not to mention Alastair Sim is brilliant, so it appeals to my darker side. And yes, Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Another Canadian for today's Handmade Tweet, darn we're talented, Dark Destiny on etsy.

From DarkDestiny's Shop Announcement:

"Thank you for visiting my shop on etsy! I am a seamstress who started off doing custom corsetry and clothing, but now my time is slightly more limited due to the arrival of my baby girl. If you have ideas for a custom piece feel free to contact me!

+All items are hand crafted by me in Canada with great care and finished professionally"

Arm warmers are one, well two, of my favorite things. Right up there with leg warmers. These ones are just so sexy. They would be perfect for the next vampire ball. What, doesn't everyone go to vampire balls regularly? Click on the picture for more sexy creations from Dark Destiny.

Burgandy and Black velvet and Lace Corset Sleeves

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Feel Good Fashions on etsy.

From FeelGoodFashion's Shop Announcement:

"Welcome to my Shop! We hope to offer you quality handmade silver jewelry, unique necklaces, and stimulating supplies for making your own jewelry. Both my wife and I are making things, and we hope you will find something you like. We can also take orders for custom jewelry."

I love Phantom Quartz. It looks like a stone with its own little eco system. They're such an amazing little piece of nature. Photos never really do them justice. I've made a few necklaces with these myself and I always have trouble parting with them. Click on the picture for more stone and silver creations by Feel Good Fashions.

Phantom Quartz Multigem Sterling Silver Pendant

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from fellow HAF Team member Beads Forever.

From Beads Forever's Bio:

"I discovered my love for beading about 10 years ago. When I am creating with beads or polymer clay or fusing glass, I feel a little of what God must have felt when He created the world."

Oh what fabulous colours! I'm dreaming of indian summer too, I'm so not ready for winter. This necklace is so beautifully designed and would take way more patience than I'll ever have. Click on the picture to see more beautiful bead work from Beads Forever.

Dreaming of Indian Summers

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Reclaim2Fame on etsy.

From reclaim2fame's Shop Announcement:

"Our commitment is to create beautiful and fun new objects using at least 80% recycled materials. Most of our pieces are composed of much more than 80% reused material. We have been making art and objects from discarded items for over 15 years. There is so much more work to do... the discards keep coming."

OMG these are just unbearably cute! I'm constantly amazed by the awesome creativity of the artists I find every day. Who would think of something like this? To bring discarded 'junk' to life. I wouldn't know whether to call it recycling or reincarnation. Be sure to click on the picture and check out all the amazing creatures by Reclaim2Fame.

FREE SHIPPING - BRENDA - The Born To Be Bad Little Girl Robot - Reclaim2Fame

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from fellow HAF Team member Capricious Adornments.

From CapriciousAdornments's Shop Announcement:

"Latest trends in jewelry accessories.

Capricious is whimsical, impulsive and spirited...
Dare to wear the unexpected and have fun with it!"

Jewelry for my boots! Who would have thought? I love boots and I love jewelry so how perfect is that? Click on the picture for more perfect ideas from Capricious Adornments.

Double Concho and Turquoise Boot Bracelet

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Hiberna Curios on etsy.

From Hibernacula's Shop Announcement:

"A cabinet of curiosities, a menagerie of wonders!
A gallery of esoterica and eldritch delights to mystify and enchant!

Follow me on Twitter! Just do a search for K. M. Kotulak: get live updates on my shop status, the creatures living in my walls, and other adventures."

Well I'm really curious about the creatures living in the walls. Wonder if they're as interesting as the creatures in the shop. They are truly unique and wonderful. Click on the picture to see what I mean.

The Golden Manta

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Fashion Crochet Jewelry (DesignProjects) by fellow Canadian Ira Rott on etsy.

From DesignProjects's Shop Announcement:

"Hi, Thank you for visiting my shop!

My jewelry designs have grown out of my love for crochet and beading... making jewelry is an amazing creative process, with endless possibilities that I'll have continually to discover.
To create my jewelry i use crochet hook, knitting needles, yarn, polymer clay, and different techniques."

What a stunning necklace! The colour is just so vibrant. What a great Christmas present this would make (she looks at her husband;) For more awesome creactions from DesignProjects just click on the picture.

Romantic Blue Crochet Necklace

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Mindie's Memorables on etsy.

From Mindielee's Shop Announcement:

"Unique handmade jewelry, decorative boxes, and unusual beads and sliders at affordable prices make Mindie’s Memorables a great place to shop. Welcome to my Etsy boutique! Come in and stay awhile ... I pride myself on unusual designs, quality materials and attention to detail."

Mindielee has so many gorgeous earrings it was very hard to choose just one to feature but I love the colours in these. They are such happy colours and we can all use some more happy in our lives. Click on the picture to check out more of her beautiful creations. You won't be disappointed.

AUTUMN COLORS FLORAL polymer clay and crystal earrings

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for this Remembrance Day comes from STEVENBECKLY.COM, a fellow Canadian from Toronto on etsy.

From stevenbeckly's Bio:

"I like saying things with photographs.

See more of my work at my website & flickr.
I also like getting emails:"

For today's Handmade Tweet I wanted something special for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day for all you Americans). My father served in WWII so this is always a very special day for him. I was so glad to find something that truly captures my heart and comes from a fellow Canadian. Click on the picture for more moving prints from


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Well I've rested up from my shopping trip and the Handmade Tweet is back. Today's featured artist is Geek Details on etsy. For the first time I couldn't decide on just one item to feature. These two are so interconnected I had to share both of them with you.

From geekdetails's Shop Announcement:

"Welcome to my little part of Etsy where I sell handmade geek decor including prints, clocks, glasses and more. I love custom orders, just send me a convo and we can work something out."

I was a fan of vampire stories long before it became cool, so these buttons really spoke to me. From Bram Stoker to Joss Whedon I love them all so I've found the frenzy surrounding Twilight strangely amusing. My heart still belongs to Anne Rice.
Click on either button to see more from Geek Details.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Earrings in my Etsy and Artfire Shops

Steampunk Glass Fuse Earrings

Just added these earrings to my Etsy shop. Found these little fuses in a surplus store and just knew they would make wild earrings. I love finding supplies and ideas in unusual places. I also made a pair for my new ArtFire shop.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Away for the weekend

I'm going to be away for the weekend on a shopping trip with the girls so I won't be updating the Handmade Tweet until I get back. I'll have it up and running again either Monday or Tuesday, depending on how tired I am. For now everybody have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes all the way from Finland from Sannica on ArtFire.

From Sannica's Bio:

"Hello! My name is Sanni and I'm a craft-a-holic. I've been a maker of all things colourful for as long as I can remember. It's an addiction I don't want to get rid of. My main creative outlets are crochet and sewing, but I like to dabble in all kinds of other craft forms, as well. I'm also a business student - the plan is to graduate next year. I opened this shop to share my creations with the rest of the world (and to avoid flooding my tiny apartment with more pairs of socks than I could possibly wear in one lifetime). Hopefully you'll find something you like! If you have any ideas, comments or questions about my work, or just want to say hello, always feel free to contact me."

Ya legwarmers! You loved them in the 80s and now they're back and better than ever. I really did wear them in the 80s (damn I'm old) and I still love them, but these are way better than any I had way back then. The lacing is such an awesome idea. Click on the picture for more great designs by Sannica.

S-M Lace-Up Leg Warmers in White

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Damsel in this Dress on etsy.

From damselinthisdress's Shop Announcement:

"At Damsel in this Dress, all of our corsets are **Designed using our own signature patterns that take months to revise and perfect **Made with sturdy upholstery fabric that is also used for the lining **Double-stitched with upholstery thread with a tensile strength of 8 lbs **Rigid up the front with my signature rubber-dipped fiberglass rod boning **Boned on every seam with double-thickness European spring steel **Professionally set with large double sided brass grommets ** Designed for Women's Bodies!!"

Ooooh Corsets! Can you possibly feel more sexy and feminine in anything else. This one is especially gorgeous. I love the tales and sleeves, what a great touch. For more sexy creations from Damsel in this Dress (what a great name) just click on the picture.

Deep Red Corseted Pirate Coat CUSTOM FIT

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My shop was featured on the Handmade Craft Show Blog. That's awesome!

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags & Vintage Finds on etsy.

From missprettyperfect's Shop Announcement:

"Welcome to Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags where we are very proud to offer One-of-a-Kind handbag creations for you and yours. No two are ever alike! Miss Pretty Perfect handbags are made with the finest quality upholstery fabrics. Similar themed colors and various textures are put together by the skillful eye of La Toya Stevens, a Parsons School of Design graduate."

I love these bags they are so unusual and they are pretty from every side. Click on the picture to see more unique handbags.

SALE - Wendy B. Messenger Bag in Cranberries and Cream

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Something for the cooler weather in today's Handmade Tweet from Emma Sommerfeld on etsy.

From emmasommerfeld's Shop Announcement:

"Welcome and thank you for stopping by. If you love the romantic victorian style, the garments of the 1920's, 30's or 40's, lace knitted items, exquisite yarns or unique shawls and stoles, just look around. History can inspire your personal style! Everything here is designed by me, handknitted or crocheted with skill, love and care, sometimes even handspun or handdyed."

I love the lacy victorian look to this scarf and again, my favorite colour. I would feel so feminine wearing this or any of her other pieces. There are several different ways to wear this so be sure to visit her shop to see them all. Click on the picture to see more beautiful feminine creations by Emma Sommerfeld.

lace knitted scarf victorian style
cashmere/silk - purple and lilac

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New ArtFire Shop

I just opened a new shop on ArtFire. I've been thinking about it for quite a while but now it's finally open. I only have a few items listed right now but I'll be adding more soon. Come have a look and let me know what you think. I can always use some feedback.

The Grand Design on ArtFire

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from justCHARMING on etsy.

From justCHARMING's Shop Announcement:

"Hello friends!
My bracelets are all made to fit average. But I'm happy to alter any bracelet to your needs.
Also, change a toggle clasp to lobster claw or vice versa."

*~*~*~*~* I LOVE creating custom designs! ~ Have an idea? ~ I'd love to hear it! *~*~*~*~*

I love the deep rich colours of this bracelet. I have a bracelet from justCHARMING and I absolutely love it. It's gorgeous and excellent quality and I wear it a lot. To see more fabulous designs from justCHARMING just click on the picture.

Cobalt Bouquet