Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from fellow Etsy Blogger PurrPrints.

From PurrPrints Bio:

"I love cats and ink, and I never agreed with the idea that all cat artwork must look like mass-produced cracker-barrel-style kitchiness. I use a combination of hand-drawn, digital, and print techniques to produce my range of work; I also create cat-free artwork, viewable in the "art without cats" section of the store (but shh, don't tell my kitties I'm not always drawing them)."

I won't tell your kitties if you won't tell mine I'm looking a other kitties on the internet. This is such a fun picture I keep coming back to look at it again and again. The design is inspired. Click on the picture to see more "uncommon cat art" by PurrPrints.

Sabrina and Friends. 5x7 black and white print, 
other sizes available


PurrPrints said...

Thanks for featuring me - and I promise not to tell your kitties :)

pwl said...

Love your jewelry! That must be why I've got some of it. LOL