Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from The Goblin Trader on etsy.

From The Goblin Trader's Bio:

"Items are the creations of husband and wife team, Kate & Jeff James.

Jeff’s is inspired by mythos and tribal societies. He is drawn to monolithic forms, ancient alphabets and petroglyphs. He strives to capture the gesture of his characters in his figurative sculptures. The musicians are not just frozen in position, but are in the processes of creating. His dragons take flight and his goblins are ornery.

Kate James enjoys the fantasy of being part of the merchant class at the Renaissance Fairs over the summer. She is proprietor of the Amber Scents booth selling oils and her handmade aromatherapy necklaces."

This makes me want to start keeping a journal, except my horrible handwriting would ruin it. How perfect this would be for a book of spells. Click on the picture to see all the wonderful enchanted designs at The Goblin Trader.

Purple Dragon Journal w/ Fireball by JTJames

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AmongTheRuins said...

Wow, beautiful work! As always you find awesome pieces!!