Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from The Queens Dowry on etsy.

From TheQueensDowry's Shop Announcement:


There's a tale of a queens sunken treasure, lying scattered upon and buried within the oceans floor, all await for discovery. This appeals to me firstly because I was born under the sign of the fish. Secondly, because all my life I look for such "treasure". Most of the pieces found here are a result of hours, and sometimes weeks, searching high and low for that special piece, which is off the beaten path, appealing to the eye, and unique!

I hope you enjoy your visit wandering through these unique treasures found..."

Browsing this shop was like a journey through the looking glass. There are so many wonderfully fanciful things to see, like this greenman. It's a beautiful casting on its own and the accenting pieces she's added finish it off without overwhelming it. Click on the picture to see more fabulous and fanciful creations from The Queens Dowry.

Handsome Greenman - 
vintage forest spirit renaissance necklace

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