Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Handmade Tweet

I've been a little remiss in keeping up with the Handmade Tweets lately. The fact is I've just been too busy. It's heading into con season again and I've been madly working on steampunk costumes for myself and jewelry for the art shows. So, I probably won't be posting every day but I will have a new feature at least several times a week so check back often.

Although the featured artists may be lacking in frequency they more than make up for it in quality. Here's a great example from A Little Character on etsy.

From A Little Character's Bio:


I have 16 years of hands on craft-ing and art-ing experience and 15 years of *practice* before that. Oh dear....I've just given my age away......

If you heart my store, you may want to subscribe to be notified of new additions. Just look in your favorites for this option."

OMG! I will definitely be signing up for notifications. I love these! It was so hard to pick just one to feature. I chose this one because, not only does he have the most adorable face, but he reminds me of the house hippos commercial that I enjoyed so much and of course the Telus Christmas commercial. I'm usually not fond of Christmas commercials but I kept singing that one at work. I kept everyone entertained. If you haven't seen either of them you can check them out here:
House Hippo
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
I bet by the end you'll want house hippos to be real too.

Be sure to click on the picture and check out all the other amazing characters in A Little Character's shop. They are all too wonderful for words, good thing there's lots of photos.

Charles Bongsworth the third, a Hippopotamus


Tace said...

If you think I'm happy about your most awesome blog post featuring "A Little Character" aka me, you should see Charles Bongsworth the third... no human happiness can compare with hippo sized happiness, the whole house shakes as he stomps his joy, bellowing and blasting out hippo-y barks of pleasure.
Soooo happy in fact that Charles Bongsworth the Third said you can call him Charlie, as most of his good friends do, high honor indeed from a hippo. :D
Thank-you very much, from myself and all the little characters who scamper from my work surface. Can you hear the chorus of "thanks"? It sounds a bit like me, a pod of hippos, several dragons, a blackberry king, a muddy pig, abandoned jack-o-lanterns, hedgehogs, rabbits, robots and elves all singing out at the same time.
Hard to translate that to the written word but here goes..
Smiles from A Little Character aka Tracey
p.s. and extra big smiles from Charlie.

iKidNot said...

The house hippo ad is very strange, but really cool too! So take that as a warning...hahahaha, yes now I will know to be on guard for false advertising.

I checked and Charles Bongsworth is indeed the right size! 4 inches seems about right for a house hippo. That would drive my cat crazy!