Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Share Your Flair Blog Award!

Something different to share with you today but don't worry, the Handmade Tweet will return tomorrow.

I just received this Blog Award from from YoursTruli
A wonderful blog that spotlights artists with features like the Artisan Of The Week and Handmade Pick of the Day.

I’ve been asked to share 3 things about myself so here goes,

1) My first and forever love is costuming. I think it all started when I was about 8 years old and I made an ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ costume for my Barbie doll. But it wasn’t until I started attending science fiction conventions about 16 years ago that my costuming really took off.

Here a link to a few of the costumes I’ve made for myself and others through the years. Just click on the picture to have a look. And BTW I also do the special effects makeup to go with them.

2) I’m a collector by nature. I collect dragons, scifi memorabilia, teddy bears, which I also use to make and sell, and anything else that catches my eye. My house is crammed full of special treasures and I wouldn’t want to part with any of them. I also collect hobbies. Through the years some of my hobbies have been photography, astronomy, scifi and fantasy (of course), rock collecting, just to name a few, and lately I’ve started playing with needle felting. I find there are too many things that fascinate me. I only wish I had more time to pursue them.

3) I’ve been married for just short of 24 years (all to the same man ;). We don’t have any children, my cats are my kids. I currently have 4 of them and three goldfish. I’d have a zoo if I could. I’m quite sure that I will eventually be a crazy old lady with 100 cats watching reruns of Star Trek all day. And I’m OK with that.

I’ve also been asked to choose three of my favorite blogs to pass this award on to, so here goes.

A wonderful blog that highlights other etsy artists that are a bit on the dark side. In her own words:

“A collection of curiosities discovered in the dark and wondrous corners of Etsy.”

And if you haven’t yet seen her handmade tatted creations you won’t want to wait another minute to visit her shop. They are stunning!

Totus Mel Tats

The official blog of The Handmade Artist’s Forum dedicated to supporting handmade.
There are so many talented and wonderful people on The Handmade Artist’s Forum and this blog is dedicated to promoting them and their work. A great place to spend a few hours, or days.

A very beautiful blog by Christina of Akane Designs Vancouver, B.C.,(one of my favorite cities). She spotlights talented Canadian etsy artists and their shops. It’s loaded with great links and is definitely worth a browse.

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