Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Blue Bayer Designs on etsy.

From Blue Bayer's Bio:

"Blue Bayer is a self taught New York-based artisan. He has traveled the world living solely from his work for the past 20 years.

His signature series, Assemblagio, is a kaleidoscopic journey through the landfill of classic Americana, personal ornaments comprised of found objects, television tubes, clock gears, turn of the century tin-type photography. The results are completely one-of-a-kind accessories that pit the seriousness of Victorian jewelry and the elegance of Art Nouveau, against the hard edges of the SteamPunk aesthetic and the kitsch of street vendor culture. Enhanced by modeling clays and aging solvents, these pieces seem as if they have been excavated from any decade of the last century."

What a fabulous locket. It really appeals to my love of dragons. Blue Bayer sells some truly unique and wonderful designs. Click on the picture to check them out.

Orange Dragon Snake Eye Locket Unique smaller version.SteamPunk Eye of Protection. On a nice chain. Lotr. Made by hand in NYC. Comes to you in a gift box.


Robin Hartman said...

oooh creepy. Almost makes me think of the Eye of Sauron.

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