Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

A great Halloween pick for today's Handmade Tweet, Chenille Macabre on etsy.

From ChenilleMacabre's Shop Announcement:

"Welcome to the Chenille Macabre Etsy page! Here you can buy original hand-made monsters constructed from pipe cleaners! Among the items we make:

* Handmade, original monsters- dragons, zombies, werewolves... you name it!
* Custom creations for customers! Have an online gaming character you want a figure of? Contact me, and send some photos!
* Figures and accessories for AMPUTHEATRE- The World's Goriest Board Game (rulebook coming soon!)

The bodies of every creature here at Chenille Macabre are built completely from chenille stems. Acrylic paint and marker embellish the beast, along with additional materials such as fabric. Every monster is unique- signed and dated by the artist."

I had a really hard time deciding which monster I liked best but these reminded me of Thriller. Don't they just look like they're dancing? Maybe they just appeal to me because I was wrangling zombies last Saturday. I guess I still have zombies on my brain. ha ha :p
Click on the picture for more amazing pipe cleaner monsters (who would have thought?)

Zombie Minis (Pack of 3)

While your in the right frame of mind why not check out some pictures from the Toronto Zombie walk last weekend.
Photos from 2009 Official Toronto Zombie Walk

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Robin Hartman said...

I love Chenille Macabre!!!

My husband still cherishes his Rakshasa pipe cleaner creatures. Beautiful work of unusual art!