Friday, October 9, 2009

Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival

Something a little different today. I recently joined the Etsy Bloggers Team. Twice each month they have a blog carnival where members are asked to write about a specific theme. So at least once, possibly twice a month I'll be posting my thoughts on the given theme.

Here is the first theme for October: "Halloween is approaching! Do you do any kind of decorating for this spooky, fun holiday? If so, show us pictures!"

So you think being a costumer I'd have these great plans for Halloween but I usually just stay home, watch horror movies and hand out candy. Maybe by October I'm just costumed out for the year. I use to do a lot of decorating but over the last
few years I haven't had time. Also I got tired of replacing the decorations every year because they kept getting trashed. We have a problem with that here, can't put out Christmas lights either.

I have done my share of Halloween costumes and Halloween type costumes for conventions. Here are a few from past
conventions that you might enjoy.

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