Monday, November 30, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet for today comes from Delicious Hobo on etsy.

From Delicious Hobo's Bio:

"I'm 22 and highly addicted to crafting. First and foremost, I love to make wearable art. My passion for painting, sculpting, and accessories has given birth to my one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Every item that I sell has had a great deal of time and dedication put into it. Many of my pieces are made over the course of several days – clay molding, baking, sometimes sanding and/or painting, sealing, and assembling. All my polymer clay pieces are handmade. I don't use texture sheets, stencils, molds, or anything other than my hands and a couple tools. Therefore, each item is not only one of a kind, but is also a representation of my artistic dedication."

I had a very hard time deciding on one item to feature, there are just so many wonderful things to choose from, but in the end my love for robots won out. Isn't he adorable? All of her little creatures have huge personalities. Check out all the beautiful creations from Delicious Hobo by clicking on the picture.

Mr. Roboto Necklace


Anonymous said...

Thank you again for featuring me! This is a great blog, and I'm not just saying it b/c I'm a part of it now! ;)

Robin Hartman said...

Wow an awesome robot! Thanks for finding me a new favorite shop.

CJ Grand said...

Always glad to help someone spend their money Robin.

Designs by Victoria said...

wow - he's adorable!

Designs by Victoria said...

wow - he's adorable!