Monday, November 23, 2009

Featured EtsyBlogger for November

It's time for another edition of the Featured EtsyBlogger. This month's Featured EtsyBlogger is thefabmissb. She has two etsy shops, one for her handmade creations, Becky Kazana, and one for her vintage finds, The Fab Miss B.

From beckykazana's Shop Announcement:

"Becky Kazana makes vintage inspired chenille pipe cleaner ornaments one at a time, just for you. Custom ornament orders are always welcome!

I've always loved to paint, draw and make things with my hands. My art is inspired by travel and adventure, fairy tales, Roald Dahl books, every color on earth, Christian Dior, street fashion, humor, old timey music and Marilyn Monroe. I have lots of fun making pipe cleaner ornaments, illustrations, greeting cards and banners every single day."

These little french poodles are just adorable. They made me remember something I read just recently, though I can't remember where I read it. Someone was wondering if other dogs think that french poodles are part of some weird religious cult. I always felt kind of sorry for them because I thought other dogs probably made fun of them. Nobody's going to make fun of these cuties though. Just click on the picture for more adorable creations from Becky Kazana.

Fifi the Chenille French Poodle Ornament

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