Monday, September 28, 2009

You can't be serious!

Remember that new computer I bought to replace the one that up and died. Well after two days it joined the old one in computer heaven. Two days!! Seriously what am I kryptonite for computers. Now I have another new one and I'm trying to play catchup again with everything I've missed since Friday. Why does everything break down on the weekend when there's no one around to fix it?

I had two Handmade Tweets scheduled but I couldn't tell anyone about them so I'm off to do that. I'll have a new Tweet posted tomorrow, if the computer fairies are willing.

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Designs by Victoria said...

This laptop is the replacement for the one whose screen broke back in January, and it's worrying me a bit with some of the things it does. We should form a "we are death to elecctronics" club. Don't ask me how many watches I've gone through in the last five years....