Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

The Handmade Tweet is back, after an unscheduled absence, with fellow Etsy Bloggers Street Team member Spotted Cow Soaps.

From spottedcowsoaps's Profile:

"Nestled deep in the heart of Vermont amongst the mountain views and dairy farms you will find Spotted Cow Soaps. I have been formulating and selling homemade natural soaps for over 8 years.

What started out as a necessity to cure skin issues of my own has grown into an obsession and love for handcrafting great smelling soaps that leave your skin saying..."THANK YOU!"

Mmmm, apples and cinnamon. This reminds me of bread pudding. Should I wash with it or eat it? Maybe both? All of her soaps and lotions look good enough to eat, but she doesn't advise it. Click on the picture for more yummy creations from Spotted Cow Soaps.

Autumn in Vermont Soap

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SpottedCow said...

What sweet blog post you have written. Thank you so much!