Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Handmade Tweet

Today's Handmade Tweet comes from Silverdaisy13 on Etsy.

From silverdaisy13's Shop Announcement:
"My jewellery reflects my mood on the day, week or month I'm making it. So, being a single mum that mood is liable to change at any time........

But creating this 'stuff' is my retreat. I can immerse myself in wire work, shells and beads or chainmailling, if only for a few minutes whilst waiting for my daughter outside school, and feel totally refreshed."

I love the wonderful rich colour of these beads. Click on the picture to visit Silverdaisy13's shop.

Lady Marmalade

1 comment:

silverdaisy13 said...

Thanks CJ for the 'lady marmalade' feature, I'm really grateful, thanks
... jackie